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BunnyBrains are inarguably the most embarassing yet excellent yet awful rock band to come out of the State of Connecticut. The legend understates the facts (try watching a video of a vintage live performance), but the music stands for itself. Bunnybrains began its torturous life in 1988 as Bobby Bunny and Malcolm Tent's collaborative improv noise band and over the next decade grew into a collective of disenfranchised freak musicians from the state of Connecticut. The band's manifesto dictated that musician and non-musician alike were equally welcome and that no rules of sound or structure shall be required. 60+ members and half a dozen LPs and a dozen singles later, the Bunnies will be remembered for their contribution to communal brain damage and hearing loss amongst the denizens of the Nutmeg State.

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BilgeDasto 001 - Live In The Midwest
BilgeDasto 002 - Einstürzende Neubunny
BilgeDasto 003 - Show Me The Bunny
BilgeDasto 007 - Limeade Single
BilgeDasto 009 - Stoolbox: The Next Generation
BilgeDasto 017 - 8/31/1991

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