BunnyBrains - Limeade Single
BilgeDasto 007
Released 03.23.04

Artwork Not Yet Available

Composed specifically for Breathmint Records hand-lathed 45rpm split 7" featuring BunnyBrains and Monotract, Limeade (and its unreleased remix version) are now available as a download. Inspired by an interview in the late 80s with Butthole Surfers where King Coffey jokingly said they planned to release a single with all 32 of their then recorded songs played simultaneously, Bobby Bunny went into the studio and layered every track from The Bunny Brains CD Show Me The Bunny onto itself for a nice dense bit of "compact disc", so to say.

Remixed by Bobby Bunny

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01. Limeade Springsteen Kittykat
02. Limeade Kitsteen Springykat

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