BunnyBrains - Live In The Midwest 2001 (Highlights from the Bunny Trauma Tour) VCD
BilgeDasto 001
Released 10.22.03

BunnyBrains Live In The Midwest VCD

45 minutes of what the Bunny Brains do on stage, and its not pretty. Filmed by Ali Bunny and Sunny Von Bunny at The Gold Dollar in Detroit, The University of Chicago, and The Fireside Bowl in Chicago, all during May of 2001.

Thanks to WHPK Chicago and WCBN Ann Arbor.
Video CD playable on most DVD players.

Dan Bunny - vocals, guitar
Bobby Bunny - bass, loops
Chandy Pinkeye - guitar, effects
La Persona - vocals, qchord
Horlick Choi - drums

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