BunnyBrains - Einstürzende Neubunny
BilgeDasto 002
Released 03.23.04

bunnybrains - einstürzende neubunny

A 5 minute, 4 track EP of stuff recorded by the Bunny Brains at WCBN in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the spring of 2001, but remixed and edited by Bobby Bunny into tasty bite-sized nuggets.

Dan Bunny - vocals, guitar
Bobby Bunny - bass, loops
Chandy Pinkeye - guitar, effects
La Persona - vocals, qchord
Horlick Choi - drums

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01. Headphones Up (haus der bunny mix)
02. Horlick Choi Kicked My Ass
03. Love theme from "The Nancy Garcia Story" (edit)
04. Thunder (headcleaner mix)

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