BilgeDasto 024 - Released October 13, 2012


The Third Ultrabunny Album

The first studio album from Ultrabunny -
Connecticut's Elder Statesmen of Noise Rock.

Bobby Bunny - vocals & guitar
Malcolm Tent - bass & vocals
Pete Beest - drums

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01. Civilian Contracted Interrogator
02. Project Gemini
03. Controlled Flight Into Terrain
04. Lunch At The Modern
05. Squirrel Attack (schnauzer mix)
06. 391 Bowery
07. Three Gents In A Jam
08. The Thrill Of It All

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Watch the Squirrel Attack Promo Video here
Watch the
Project Gemini Promo Video here

©2012 Ultrabunny.

All songs by Bunny/Tent/Beest

except "The Thrill of it All" by Bryan Ferry and "391 Bowery" by Bobby Bunny
Lyrics to "Civilain Contracted Interrogator" and "Squirrel Attack" by Bobby Bunny
Lyrics to "Three Gents in a Jam" by Malcolm Tent

Engineered by Simon Tuozolli, Joe Roberto, Ray Paolucci and Bobby Bunny.

Produced by Ultrabunny.
Recorded at:
UP Recording Studio, Seymour, CT
Motherchunk Studio, Newtown, CT
Bon Aire Chicken Farm, Southbury, CT
BK Bunnyland, Brooklyn, NY

Photography by Jesper Haynes. Design by Bobby Bunny. Models are Cheryl and Kana.
Cover Art dedicated to Bryan Ferry, Nick DeVille, Eric Boman, Anthony Price,
Eveline Grunwald and Constanze Karoli

Released by Bilge Dasto, in cooperation with TPOS Records.

Made in Connecticut, USA.

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