Thalidomide & The One-Armed Mongoloids



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Inspired by Captain Beefheart, The Birthday Party and The Partridge Family, three promising college kids from the pleasant northern suburbs of New York City formed a basement power trio in 1985, notable for their improvised 10 second noise-punk songs, repulsive lyrics, and an utter lack of interest in any professional ambitions, or even playing gigs. Despite this they failed to make even the slightest dent in the underground music world, nor did they disappoint their friends and families. Yet they did consent to me recording them and here are those sessions:


Thalidomide & The One-Armed Mongoloids - Goose Engineer from Tennessee (album)




Ped Xing - Bass/Vocals

Marlboro Country aka Elton Uterus - Guitar/Vocals

Itsallalotoffununtilsomeonegetstheireyepokedoutsaidlikethat aka Mr. Squid - Drums/Vocals



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