BilgeDasto 016 - Released March 1, 2009


Count Me Out (In)

A companion release to the Live LP from Noiseville Records. More of the best of Ultrabunny live.

Malcolm Tent - bass
Bobby Bunny - guitar, vocals
Pete Beest - drums

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01. Winding Through Narrowing Walls of Red Hot Waffle Irons
02. rock n roll party
03. Surrounded + Outnumbered
04. squirrel opening
05. Eleven Hundred and Twelve Mysteriously Bouncing Buicks and They're Headed this Way
06. technical difficulties
07. Who is the Real Doctor? McCoy!
08. live rock n roll
09. Box Theory
10. thanks
11. My Degeneration
12. short loop
13. Not A Laptop

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