BilgeDasto 004 - Released March 13, 2004


Bunnybrains '88 Demo

The BunnyBrains' 1988 Demo was originally 6 songs recorded in 3 hours one night in the summer of 1988 in the basement of Bob's Aunt's house in Darien, CT. Malcolm added tracks from the first live session at WXCI Radio, Danbury CT, during Greg Vegas's Radio Underground Show, and a few tracks from the first ever BunnyBrains live show in an empty visual arts classroom at SUNY/Purchase in Sept. 1988. The '88 Demo cassette was the first official BunnyBrains release, and parts of it can be found on the long out-of-print BunnyBrains Double LP.

Malcolm Tent - guitar, bass, percussion
Bobby Bunny - bass, vocals, percussion, autovari64, mirage
Elisa Flynn - noise on track 7
Thom Monahan - guitar on 9,10,11,12
Patty Grannan - noise on tracks 11,12
Eg The Poet - vox on tracks 12,13,14

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Downloads are in mp3 format.

01. Envelopes & Toaster Ovens (5.1mb)
02. Pizza Song (2.2mb)
03. Arnold Makes Par (3.7mb)
04. Ballroom Blixa (4.1mb)
05. Louie Louie (3.2mb)
06. BBQ Sheep (3.6mb)
07. Brickhed With A Mohawk (2.4mb)
08. Sample Intro (.8mb)
09. Purple Teeth (3.9mb)
10. Rattle (.4mb)
11. Squid Fra Diavolo (2.3mb)
12. Dan Phones It In (3.3mb)
13. I Want You (5.3mb)
14. Nothing Like A Bible (3.8mb)

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