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40.20.14 Bobby Bunny's Adventures in Magnetic Recording Vol.1 is here, presenting a selection of Bobby Bunny's solo works from 1985 to 2001. Get it for FREE and enjoy the ride.

10.13.12 Bilge Dasto is proud to announce the digital release of Ultrabunny's first studio album, 6 years in the making and finally available right here for free. Ultrabunny's self-titled LP, aka The Third Ultrabunny Album is our personal favorite and we hope you enjoy it too. Download it on all its lossless glory for FREE.

4.18.12 We just remastered a rehearsal tape of the Bunnybrains from 1991 simply entitled 8/31/1991 which shows the band as never before in their most coherent and tight punk rock period, featuring the 2nd generation lineup of Malcolm, Warren, Wendy, Pete and Eg. Absolutely required listening for any Bunnybrains fan and for anyone who enjoys truly groundbreaking CT punk music. Download it here

1.8.12 We are now on Facebook. Go like us.

9.15.09 We proudly bring you 3 entire albums from Invaders From Sears, Connecticut's lo-fi noise pop pioneers from the late 80s. Previously only available on cassette, these recordings scream lo-fidelity and yet have amazing endurance for their tune writing and audio experimentalization. Grab them for FREE.

12.10.04 Finally, after nearly 16 years, you can listen to the short lived, but seminal BunnyBrains spinoff band Fish Fish. Very very rare, so rare in fact, the band members dont even have a copy of this. This is their radio appearance Live on WXCI Danbury, CT in 1989. Yes, once again its all FREE.

06.18.04 We've also now stopped making new copies of the BunnyBrains Show Me The Bunny CDs, so you may now download the entire album for FREE!

03.23.04 We've finally halted production of the BunnyBrains Einstürzende Neubunny Mini-CDs, and if you already have one, it'll be an instant collectors item (edition of 100 made). But you may now download the 5 minute/4 song EP for FREE, so do so now!

And if thats not good enough for one day, we also just released the BunnyBrains Limeade Single, formerly only on hand made limited edition vinyl split 7" with our friends Monotract, now downloadable FREE and with a remix version added too!

03.16.04 Another discovery from the dusty vault, Stoolbox: The Next Generation, a BunnyBrains 88 spin-off featuring the first collaboration between The BunnyBrains and Eg The Poet's band Chickn Duty Fagget. Long lost for 16 years and now remastered and downloadable for FREE.

03.13.04 After 16 years, the original BunnyBrains '88 Demo is available for yer downloading pleasure. 14 tracks, all remastered from the original cassette, and all for FREE. Go get it and listen now and see what the Bunnies sounded like when they first hatched out of the nest.

10.22.03 Now available for sale are the Einstürzende Neubunny EP from 2002, 1998's Show Me The Bunny CD, and the Live in the Midwest 2001 VideoCD. A whole bunch of excellent late period BunnyBrains, not available in stores, only here!

10.21.03 Our first single is available for FREE download! Its Purple Teeth, by BunnyBrains 88, from their upcoming CD '88 Demo. Its been 15 years since these tracks were released on cassette as part of the very first BunnyBrains demo tape. Theyve been digitally remastered and are our gift to you. Please enjoy and come back for many more tracks in the near future!

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