Invaders From Sears - Fork Yer Porker ep
BilgeDasto 013
Released 09.15.09

Invaders From Sears - Fork Yr Porker ep

Invaders From Sears 3rd release was a homage to the peaceful country life and vaguely influenced by REM,The Jesus & Mary Chain and Einstürzende Neubauten

Thick Anso Nylon Plush - vocals, guitar, sampler, synth, found objects and percussion
Pope XYZ Armadillo Mk II Deluxe - found objects and percussion

Originally released 1988 on cassette by odi-musix, Darien CT
engineered by Mr. Morton Thiokol at Asbestos Deathtrap Studios, Darien, CT

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all songs ©1988 and 2009 by Invaders From Sears. No reposting without permission.

01. Sweater
02. Derby Day
03. Yellow Car
04. Fond Du Lac
05. Jeff Squid
06. Reluctant To Dye
(Bonus Track)
07. Fond Du Lac
(version) (Bonus Track)
08. Fond Du Lac (live)
(Bonus Track)

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