Invaders From Sears - Reasons To Buy Cheese
BilgeDasto 012
Released 09.15.09

Invaders From Sears' sophomore release explored dreamlike soundtracks and acid trip noisescapes.

Thick Anso Nylon Plush - Really big flexible soup ladles, cornish game hen replicas, and lead electric platform tennis courts.
Pope XYZ Armadillo Mk II Deluxe - Fiberglas post office trolleys and rythm political adjustments.
Mr. Marilyn Chambers - Acoustic social disturbances.

Thalidomide & The One-Armed Mogoloids - guest musicans on Track 8

Originally released 1988 on cassette by odi-musix, Darien CT
engineered by Mr. Morton Thiokol at Asbestos Deathtrap Studios, Darien, CT
"Reasons To Buy Cheese" title suggested by Kevin Bunce

Thanks to Jim, Janet & Lisa, Brooks, Sue, Malcolm & Kathy, Thalidomide, Sonic Youth and Closetful of Fear.

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all songs ©1987, 1988 and 2009 by Invaders From Sears. No reposting without permission.

01. Out In Chosy
02. Alexandor Caldor
03. Billie Holiday In Cambodia
04. Zep
05. Stay With Me
Calf Pasture Beach (for Adam)
Beat The Clock
Reasons To Buy Cheese
8 in 1 Squid Tenders
Illus. 20a., A Nation Mourns The Loss Of A Great Pimento Fragment
Little Deuce Coupe
Colgate, They Make Toothpaste

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