Invaders From Sears - Basic Fish Architecture
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Released 09.15.09

Invaders From Sears - Basic Fish Architecture

Invaders From Sears debut features a seemingly random assortment of lo-fi basement tech electronic punk, noise and pop from this strange almost-one-man band from Connecticut

Thick Anso Nylon Plush - alternates layers of broccoli, cheese and soup in greased casserole
Pope XYZ Armadillo Mk I - Tops with crumbs and bakes at 350 degrees until bubbly, about 20 min.
Marilyn Chambers - Serves 6-8.

Eehoon Overbake - guitar on track 15

Originally released 1987, although remixed and new tracks added and re-released 1989 on cassette by odi-musix, Darien CT
engineered by Mr. Morton Thiokol at Asbestos Deathtrap Studios, Darien, CT; Sue's Pistol Range, Ridgefield, CT; VA2033, SUNY Purchase; and Carrie's Room, Pleasantville, NY
Track 4 written by Adam Derman and Thalidomide & The One-Armed Mongoloids
Track 5 engineered by Dan Berlinger and mixed by Jim McElwaine at SUNY Purchase.
Track 6 written by Karl Agell and Seizure
Track 10 based on the song by Lennon/MacCartney
Fish designs by Nobuko Hattori
Cover art by odi-graphics

Thanks to Jim, Sue, Nobuko, Kari, Davisha, Glen, Kali, Carrie, Jim M., Thalidomide and Trash American Style

Download Basic Fish Architecture
all songs ©1987,1989 and 2009 by Invaders From Sears. No reposting without permission.

01. Buy R Cassette
02. Cut By Chocolate
03. No Money Down
04. Fuck You Robert Young
05. Man Of Steel
Nobody's Child
Ask Me
Car Song
09. Numbers Racket
10. Tom Never Nose
11. Like Lethargy
12. Risk Of Burns
I Wanna Sleep
Buy R Cassette (reprise)
My Name Is Jeff

Watch the music video for "Car Song" here.

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