BilgeDasto 025 - Released April 20, 2014

Bobby Bunny

Bobby Bunny's Adventures in Magnetic Recording Vol.1

Selected solo works of Bobby Bunny 1985 to 2001.

Bobby Bunny - samplers, synths, guitars, voices, percussion, found objects, effects, manipulations

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01. Limeade Kitsteen Springykat
02. (Andy) Don't Want No Depeche Mode Amplifier
03. Billie Holiday in Cambodia
04. Strategien Gegen Nik Kershaw
05. Beat The Clock
06. Nancy
07. Jeff Squid
08. Out In Chosy
09. MMM
10. Risk Of Burns
11. Illus 20a
12. Limeade Springsteen Kittykat
13. Last Day of Summer

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All songs ©2014 by Bobby Bunny

Produced and Engineered by Bobby Bunny.

Recorded at:
Asbestos Deathtrap Studios, Darien, CT
BK Bunnyland, Brooklyn, NY
Hey Carrie Anne's, Pleasantville, NY

Cap'n Kal's, Long Island, NY

Photo by Jesper Haynes. Art direction by Bobby Bunny.

Released by Bilge Dasto.

Made in Connecticut and New York, USA.

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